Serviced Offices

Serviced Offices

In these austere uncertain economic times flexibility is the key to success. Indirect contrast to a conventional lease, a Serviced Office enables you to tailor your overheads to your current business situation while providing you with the flexibility to grow or shrink quickly as circumstances demand.

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Serviced Offices

Virtual Offices

For a new business or sole trader, the appearance of gravitas can be difficult to portray especially if you are working from home. Virtual Offices can provide a prestigious business address, administration services, Meeting Rooms, host-desks, and state of the art technology.

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Serviced Offices

Meeting Rooms

Business Centres typically provide Meeting Rooms or office space for hire to accommodate requirements from a one on one interview to major conferences or presentations. State of the art audio conference and video conferencing facilities are typically available.

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Solutions For Any Business

As with all start-ups, capital is a precious commodity. Locking capital into a conventional lease through an upfront deposit, office fit-out, the provision of office furniture, telecommunications and administration services is an expensive use of start-up capital. Having to deal with multiple providers of utilities and services is a significant administration overhead and consumes valuable time and resources.

A office can provide a more prestigious location with a fitted out Instant Office, state of the art technology, modern meeting rooms, and administration services. There are no setup costs, typically no deposit, and no long term commitment, providing a level of flexibility for upsizing or downsizing that is absent with a conventional lease.

With any small to medium size enterprise (SME), one of the key factors to success is being flexible and adaptable to change, something larger enterprises find far more challenging to do. Being locked into a fixed term lease with a fixed capacity can prove to be a stumbling block for growth and an unnecessary overhead when times are tough.

A Business Centre typically has a range of office sizes to suit all business needs and the contractual terms are structured in such a way to allow upsizing or downsizing with a minimum of time and cost. Being able to upsize to a larger unit to accommodate rapid growth or downsize to a smaller unit when circumstances require provides a level of affordable flexibility that simply cannot be matched by a conventional lease.

Corporates are taking up office space more than ever before as they realise the benefits to be had. Expansion and globalisation can require small footprints in many remote locations which can be expensive to setup with a conventional lease. A Service Office allows them to test new market with a presence on the ground at significantly lower cost than a conventional lease and without any long term commitment. Branch Offices are now common place in business centres.

Projects are temporary by nature and often need to be run from separate offices due to space constraints. A office is ideal for any sort of temporary office requirement as there is no long term lease commitment required. An office can typically be rented from month to month without any financial penalty.

As government budgets are squeezed under what seems to be endless austerity measures, the public sector, and local councils in particular are looking to office solutions to avoid the fit out costs and the long term commitments a regular lease require. Budgets are tighter so any saving a project can make is worth exploring. Projects can be housed in the most desirable location rather than whatever’s available, allowing for more efficient use of time and resources.

Project work is common place in the public sector so access to affordable fitted out temporary Instant Office Space in London & New York can be of significant benefit to this sector. The use of existing office space can be rationalised, freeing up space capacity left idol for intermittent project expansion, which can then be re-allocated or rented out to provide an additional income stream.

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Popular Serviced Office and Virtual Office Service locations

Serviced Offices London

Serviced Offices London

Serviced Office Centres are increasing in number globally with the total number of centres worldwide now in excess of 6,000. The United Kingdom has the largest share of this market with almost one in three being located here. Of these about one in five are located in London which makes London the largest centre of Serviced Office anywhere in the world.

The Serviced Office market in the United Kingdom has more than doubled in the past ten years and Serviced Office London have increased by nearly 50% over this period.

A recently published report by the City of London includes analysis of the Serviced Offices London market and shows that Small to Medium size Enterprises (“SME’s”) are driving the growth in this sector.

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Office Space New York

Serviced Offices New York

Looking for Serviced Office New York can be a daunting and expensive exercise. Real Estate costs in New York City are some of the highest in the world.

Serviced Offices and Virtual Office Services can reduce these costs and make establishing a presence in New York a more affordable experience. By occupying some of the most prestigious addresses and iconic locations in New York, Serviced Office Centres are opening up the property market to consultants, start-ups, SME’s, and company branch offices.

Serviced Offices allows companies to enter the New York market place without having to find the investment required by traditional leases i.e. office furniture, technology, administration services and secretarial services that combined can prove excessive for many companies.

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