There is a pre-conceived notion that Serviced Offices and Virtual Office Services are for start-ups, consultants and small companies only and that they do not offer services applicable to medium to large size enterprises. While this was to a certain extent true in the past, this is now changing and Business Centres offering Serviced and Virtual Office Services are becoming increasingly popular with medium to large companies. So, what’s changed? Why are businesses of all sizes looking to leave their conventional leases behind in favour of the Serviced and Virtual alternatives?

Economic times:

At, we understand that the world has changed in the past 5 years and the future is at best uncertain for many companies, large all small. Committing to a long term conventional lease in the current economic climate reduces flexibility. Downsizing or upsizing takes longer and is more expensive. Companies across the board are seeking to reduce staff levels, reduce overheads and maximise their flexibility to mitigate the current uncertainty they face. The political turmoil in Europe is having a knock affect around the globe and Management teams are struggling to predict what lies ahead.

It is therefore no surprise that when faced with committing to a long term lease and the costs of providing the requisite infrastructure that they are opting for the flexibility of a Serviced Office environment. The scalability without financial penalty, robust modern infrastructure and other facilities like meeting rooms and state of the art telecommunications that a typical Serviced Office provides are becoming increasingly popular with CEO’s struggling to balance budgets and forecast cash flows. It provides them the wiggle room to manoeuvre if forecasts prove to be inaccurate.

Uncertain economic times result in increased risk in terms of capital expenditure and with the typical Serviced Office being equipped with most if not all of the infrastructure a company requires, it provides decision makers the opportunity to mitigate some of their risk by reducing capital expenditure. In addition traditional overheads including building maintenance, administrative costs, cleaning, and building insurance are usually incorporated in the monthly rental.


Together with the financial risks covered above, the Serviced Office is typically ready to use as opposed to the empty shell a conventional lease offers. Therefore when upsizing or downsizing, a Serviced Office provides a level of flexibility that a conventional lease simply cannot compete with. This allows existing businesses to expand or contract as the market conditions vary and allows start-ups to be up and running in a fraction of the time it would take with a conventional lease, and at a fraction of the cost. Therefore, whether you are starting a new business, setting up a new branch office or reacting to market conditions, a Serviced Office can provide the flexibility and speed today’s economic climate demands.

When faced with uncertain economic times, the key to survival is flexibility and minimal overheads. A Serviced Office allows fixed administration costs to be reduced as it removes the need for a receptionist, reduces administrative requirements by incorporating all administrative costs like utilities, insurance, cleaning, maintenance and telecommunications into a single monthly bill.

For smaller companies or start-ups, the cost of the infrastructure that a typical Serviced Office Centre provides is prohibitive. By joining a Serviced Office centre they benefit from an infrastructure that would otherwise be unobtainable and are able to present a more robust professional image to their client base.

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