Meeting Rooms

One of the more expensive items in a new office is the provision of meeting rooms. They take up a significant amount of floor space, they require relatively expensive fit-outs if they are to be used to meet clients and they require relatively expensive technology if they are to be used for audio or video presentations or conferencing.

Start-Ups & SME’s

For Start-ups  and SME’s this can prove to be a significant overhead. Limited amounts of capital have to be invested in an area that is not necessarily used full-time and on technology that is only used on occasion. A Business Centre typically provides state of the art meeting rooms with the latest technology that can be used when needed. A typical Business Centre would have far more meeting rooms of varying sizes than a company would typically provide in a conventional lease space which allows any business in the centre to utilise facilities that they would not necessarily be able to afford to provide themselves.

A Business Centre providing Serviced Office services will typically have Meeting Rooms that can add a level of gravitas to Start-ups and SME’s so that when meeting clients they can portray an image of a more mature company than they might otherwise be. Business Centre’s typically have staff who can provide administration services like meeting clients and escorting them to a meeting room and providing them with refreshments. This may seem trivial but when meeting a new prospective client these small touches can alleviate any of the fears they may have of your stability and longevity. First impressions are very important and a Business Centre in the right location with the appropriate level of gravitas can go a long way to making prospective client comfortable.

Corporates & Public Sector

For Corporates wishing to utilise Business Centres for hosting projects, establishing branch offices or simply testing a new market, the meeting rooms and the audio / video conferencing capabilities can prove to be an invaluable asset allowing face time communications and providing an appropriate image without the capital investment. Projects can be monitored remotely while managed locally without having to relocate Programme Office resources to manage them.

Public Sector requirements can be geographical diverse and getting people together for meetings can be time consuming, expensive and logistically challenging. The facilities offered by Business Centres can allow for multiple connection video conferences enabling meeting sot be called more frequently and with shorter notice periods as attendees will not be required to travel. As with corporates,  projects can be hosted in Business Centres where access to state of the art meeting rooms can prove to be an invaluable asset when meeting clients and reporting back to management.

Virtual Office Services

For those utilising Virtual Office services or simply seeking a meeting room in a convenient location, the days of meeting clients in hotel lobbies and coffee shops can become a thing of the past as Business Centres typically make meeting rooms available to hire to external customers as well as those residing on the premises. Some Serviced Office providers have a chain of Business Centres in various locations and the services of any of these centres are made available to their clients. This can prove to be an invaluable service as clients can be invited to a video conference in one centre while you occupy a meeting room in another.

Further Information

There are many more reasons why a Serviced Office service like Meeting Rooms make sense to all types of businesses. For more information for how Serviced Offices can help your business, please complete the Contact Form below and a representative will be in touch shortly to discuss your requirements with you.

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