Serviced Offices

The Serviced Office services offered by Business Centres are becoming increasingly popular with companies across the spectrum from small Start-ups, through SME’s and right up to large Corporates and the Public Sector.

  • For Start-ups, the main attraction is the low level of capital required in terms of commitment / deposit on a lease, duration of a lease, and the cost of fit-out.

  • For SME’s it’s more about flexibility. Now more than ever businesses need to respond to market conditions, expanding and contracting with the minimum overhead in terms of time and resources to meet current demands.

  • For Corporates, the ability to test new markets with a footprint on the ground with the lowest possible investment in terms of time and resources is key.

  • For the Public Sector, efficiency savings are key. A Serviced Office can negate the need to keep office space available for projects allowing it to be permanently deployed or disposed of.

Common denominators across the spectrum are flexibility and cost in terms of time and resources.


Flexibility is key to the survival of any business. Being unable to expand quickly enough to meet the demands of your customers can be just as dangerous to the company’s future as being unable to downsize quickly when market circumstances dictate. Being stuck with a long term lease when upsizing or downsizing is required can prove very costly and ultimately fatal.

A Serviced Office Provider includes a solution to this problem in the typical terms of a Serviced Office contract. Lease terms can be from a few days, month to month, or longer. They are very flexible. Significant deposits are not required to cover the cost of redecorating and stripping out the contents as is typical with conventional leases as the offices come fitted out with modern furniture and up-to-date technology. If your needs change and you require more or less workstations, the Serviced Office provider can typically accommodate this within the same Business centre and usually at relatively short notice. Crucially, there are no expensive changes to lease agreements and substantial relocation expenses. All that is required is to move the contents, minus any furniture or fittings and your office can be upsized or downsized very quickly indeed.

Administration Services

For start-ups in particular and even small to medium size businesses, administration costs and services can be an expensive overhead and a necessary burden. A multitude of bills covering various utilities, services, and technology can quickly add up to a significant overhead in both time and resources.

A Serviced Office provider typically provides a single monthly bill covering all utilities, services and technology broken down into component parts, dramatically reducing administration overhead. Most Business centres offer additional services like “meet and greet”, meeting rooms, telephone answering, fax services, photocopying services, message services, secretarial services and various other administration services to allow companies to get on with the business of doing business and not having to worry about tedious and time consuming administration costs.

No fit-out costs

Entering into a conventional lease is a significant financial commitment for any company. The fit-out costs can include providing power points, network points, telephone connectivity, broadband services, furniture, telephones, a fax machine, a photocopier, a meeting room(s), audio / visual equipment, video conferencing, security, a reception area, kitchen facilities, computer room etc. The list can get quite exhaustive and expensive.

A Serviced Office on the other hand has all of these facilities already. All that is typically required is a laptop and a server or two for data storage if required. The rest is there ready to use form day one. Services are available to hire and all you will receive at the end of each month is a single bill for whatever services you have used. The benefits are numerous but one of the major ones is the reduction in the amount of capital start-ups require or the amount of capital existing business need to tie up when compared to a conventional lease.

Further Information

There are many more reasons why a Serviced Office makes sense to all types of businesses. For more information for how a Serviced Office can help your business, please complete the Contact Form below and a representative will be in touch shortly to discuss your requirements with you.

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