Virtual Offices

There is a common misconception that Virtual Offices are for consultants or very small businesses that do not require premises. While there is no doubt it is very beneficial for this sector as detailed below, there are numerous additional benefits a virtual office can provide across the business spectrum alongside the Conventional Lease or Serviced Offices in London.

Virtual Offices for employees on parental leave

In the United Kingdom, recent proposed changes to parental leave have highlighted an area where a virtual office could assist those parents wishing to continue to work through parental leave to keep their skills sharp and to ensure a smooth transition back into full time employment. For businesses losing key employees to parental leave, keeping their services part time via a virtual office can provide vital skills and knowledge through this period which would otherwise not be available.

Virtual Offices for remote or mobile workers

We live in an age where the internet can provide the requisite link for video, audio and data to almost anywhere in the world allowing workers to work from home as if they were sitting in the office. High resolution (HD) video conferencing has spawned the concept of the “Virtual Receptionist” seen on an HD monitor in the office but being located pretty much anywhere. Virtual meetings are now common place with multiple attendees from different locations being able to attend meetings through video conferencing. Mobile workers are using virtual offices to stay connected and can make use of a variety of Serviced Office Centres services including booking Meeting Rooms and utilising the “hot-desking” concept. They can login to their own desktop from one of thousands of centres around the globe and with the IP telephone technology; have a fixed number assigned to the “hot-desk” they are occupying thus providing an office away from the office so to speak.

Virtual Offices for small business or self-employed consultants

There are a number of benefits that a virtual office has for the self-employed consultant, small business or new-business start-up where physical office space is not required but the services that a typical serviced office would provide would be beneficial. Some of the benefits include:

Virtual Office Benefits

  • A dedicated business telephone number with call answering.
  • A prestigious business address in the heart of the business district.
  • A range of corporate services for dealing with administrative functions including parcel delivery, mail and faxes.
  • Minimal start-up costs making this the ideal option for business start-ups.
  • Virtual offices are available immediately and can be up and running within 24 hours.
  • A single monthly bill covering all of the virtual office services you require simplifies your monthly administration costs.

Virtual Offices for offshore companies

In addition, the virtual office can provide substance to the argument that a business / company is controlled and managed locally within a particular jurisdiction. Companies, particularly those with foreign directors, may be investigated by foreign fiscal authorities to determine if the effective management of their is being undertaken in the relevant jurisdiction. Virtual Office services add weight to the argument that a company is being managed and controlled within a particular jurisdiction and can therefore have a significant benefit in terms of tax planning.

Further Information

There are many more reasons why Virtual Office Services make sense to all types of businesses. For more information for how a Virtual Office can help your business, please complete the Contact Form below and a representative will be in touch shortly to discuss your requirements with you.

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